Emily has contributed to a wide variety of blogs for over six years, for everything from senior in-home care to the writing craft. She’s contributed to blogs for companies she worked at, created posts for clients, and even blogs in her free time about her personal interests. One blog she currently contributes to, The Write Practice, was named among the Top 10 Writing Blogs 2015 by Write to Done.

Case Study

Emily joined Veteran Affairs, Office of Information and Technology, Product Development’s Communication Team as a subcontractor to PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Per contract needs, she started drafting newsletter content and assisting with layout. But putting her expertise to work, she soon handled all aspects of development of the weekly, monthly, and quarterly newsletters for organization-wide communications to employees.

When the team decided to transition to a blog format to meet shifting employee needs, Emily played a significant role in shaping the blog’s structure. She whittled down what could sometimes be pages of weekly content into just three posts a week, making content more reader-friendly for busy PD employees without cutting critical information.

The blog also made a major and risky shift from automatically emailing content to all PD employees to making emails available by opt-in subscription only. Despite survey results that demonstrated PD employees felt overwhelmed by content in the bast, the blog’s new, streamlined approach to content quickly proved itself. Within a matter of months, two-thirds of the 900-plus organization opted in.

Work Samples

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