Emily has four years of experience as a writer and editor, with a focus on city reporting and lifestyle features. Her many varied roles span from managing editor to freelance contributor to copy desk, and she has worked with publications as wide-ranging as monthly magazines to daily political newsletters.

Case Study

CAWLMCover1When Emily joined Capital Area Women’s Lifestyle Magazine (CAWLM) in Lansing, MI, the publication was only in its second year. After a year as a staff writer and editor, Emily took a leadership role for the magazine as the managing editor.

In this role, she led 12-plus staff, freelancers and interns. She was responsible for all aspects of CAWLM’s content and overall quality, from article concepts and assignments, to direction at photo shoots, to the final proof.

Emily quickly identified needs for greater consistency in the publication and a more refined voice. By collaborating with CAWLM’s staff and board, she got critical buy-in to create and uphold a set of style guidelines.

Within a couple of months in Emily’s role as managing editor, consistency in grammar, style, and design amped up the magazine’s quality with a refined voice and more distinct look. Over the next two years, a tight focus on Emily’s vision led to greater recognition among the target demographic, increased distribution, and a boost in ad revenue.

Work Samples

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