Zombie Preparedness Seasonal Campaign

When a regional hardware store requested a fall seasonal campaign, the client team pulled Emily in early to integrate public relations, lead copywriting, and lend zombie pop culture expertise.

Thwestlake_zombieflyer_forhumanse campaign concept of a zombie awakening quickly expanded into a three-part story to unfold over the month of October that appropriately walked the line between indulging the Halloween spirit and the company’s brand of friendly expertise.

This plot unfolded primarily through social media and online videos, and was supported with in-store pieces and media coverage. Emily established the tone by copywriting the initial pieces, then collaborated with team members to ensure style, tone, and story execution remained consistent across the rest of the campaign.

Strong public relations execution was critical to draw attention to the campaign beyond in-store traffic. To earn coverage without a hard news angle, Emily amped up the fun factor. For a select number of top media targets, Emily created Zombie Preparedness Kits filled with store products and quippy zombie preparedness tips. Targets for the kits were selected based on influence within the company’s regional footprint, reach with its target demographic, and likelihood that the outlet would spontaneously share the fun with their audience.

For broader outreach, Emily created a media kit that broke down the campaign’s story, shared zombie preparedness tips, and offered interviews with a company zombie preparedness expert or a zombie rights advocate. The efforts paid off—the mailed kits generated a slew of positive coverage, the campaign experienced some minor virality with hits on The Bloggess and Buzzfeed, and the team’s execution earned a number of awards and nods from trade publications.